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May 2010-Mobile Computing-David Graham

David Graham spoke about mobile computing. On the desktop side, we're used to 2 platforms, Microsoft and Apple. On the mobile side of computing, there are no standards.

David has installed several plant-wide communication installations. They've been connected by mobile devices. He reviewed kinds and brands of mobile devices and reasons for avoiding new technology. He suggested that the carrier is the most important feature so that you are covered where you go. Be sure you have coverage over 90% of the area where you normally travel. Both Sprint and Verizon have a femocell, a device that boosts signals in dead locations.

Price is another consideration; it was the first among the membership present. Annual costs run between $800 and $3,000. Costs for high-end phones include internet. Currently Sprint offers unlimited data. One can add productivity apps, social apps, games, utilities. Operating systems don't matter because the goal is to run applications. Applications and data live in cloud. Blackberry makes backing up easy.

David offered many tips, such as: Don't buy a phone that doesn't have persistent memory. It's too easy for your data to disappear in the cloud where it should live. If you're traveling to Europe, buy a SIM card for your phone when you arrive; you'll avoid some tremendous roaming charges.


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