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What is PC Community and what is its mission?

PCC has about 110 members, including professionals in the computer industry and other professions, users, developers and novices interested in the use of personal computers. Operating systems used include Windows, OS/2 and Linux. Members range in age from 12 years old to 80 plus. About twenty percent of the members are women.

Approximately one half of the members attend the main meetings, which are held on the first Friday of each month. Members have a high level of sophistication with respect to both hardware and software. Members have served as beta and usability testers for many vendors.

PCC members are extensively involved in community programs. PCC also maintains a Clubhouse at a local adult school facility where community members may drop in.

Where is PC Community located and where are meetings held?

We are located in the East Bay Area about 30 east of San Francisco. Our main meeting is held in Hayward, California. We have other meetings during the month that meet at various members' homes and offices.

In addition, we have a room at the Hayward Adult School where we recycle and refurbish donated computers, have meetings, socialize and work on our own computers. The "Clubhouse" has a network and a fast connection to the Internet.

How do I join?

You can come to one of our meetings and join, fill out and mail a form from this web site, visit a SIG meeting or go to the Clubhouse.

What if there are two people in the same household--do they have to pay two sets of membership dues?

No. The second person in the household pays a discounted amount because only one newsletter will be delivered to the household.

When are meetings?

The main meeting is on the first Friday of the month (except for certain holidays) and SIG meetings are held on various dates during the month. The best way to find out the date and time of a meeting is to check the web site calendar.

Do you accept donations?

Sure we do! We accept computers and peripherals. Please check with an officer or someone at the Clubhouse before bringing or sending anything because there are some items that we cannot accept. We also will gladly take cash donations, grants or other funds.

What you do with computers that are donated?

The computers are refurbished and tested. Additional peripherals such as CD-ROM drives and other devices may be added to the systems as needed. If a computer cannot be reused, it is broken down, useable parts are saved and the remainder is recycled.

PCC has donated computers that assist students to complete their homework more easily and to learn to read. Seniors have received computers that allowed them to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Adults have been able to use computers to assist with their retraining.

Do you have classes or other training?

We do have occasional workshops, but no formal classes or training. At the Clubhouse, members learn how to rebuild and test computers with assistance from other members.

Do you provide technical support for non-members?

Generally, we do not. Receiving support from members is one of the benefits of being a member.

Do you accept volunteers?

We accept volunteers with great pleasure.

Is there a fee for a subscription to the newsletter or can I subscribe to newsletter?

The cost of the newsletter subscription is included in the membership fee. Because our dues are nominal, we do not have separate newsletter subscriptions. By the way, our newsletter has won several awards for newsletters from the Southwest Regional Conference of user groups and APCUG.

How do I get answers to other questions?

Please check this site for other information. You can search the site from the top menu.

I am a beginner, can you help me?

Yes, we can. We all started as beginners and got help from others in the group. We are delighted to help other new users.

I'm advanced, can you help me?

Many opportunities exist for advanced users. Sharing information with others always results in learning something new. You can also help us--we can use extra people to work on the computers that we refurbish and welcome people who want to start Special Interest Groups.


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