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October 2011-Andy Marken

Andy Marken talked about what’s coming up in the technology world and what might be worth our dollars. MS Mobile smartphones (WP7.5 is looking better and the Amazon Fire looks very promising as a reader. But netbooks don’t have the power that workhorse desktops have. The new ultrabooks will have improved battery life. The amount of content available is exploding. Although ‘they’ want you store everything in the Cloud, security isn’t reliable or secure.

Nuvel Jay Elliott. Nuvel Data Transfer.

vSOS to call for emergency assistance. Proactive solution to an emergency: press an icon on your phone and get 24/7 emergency assistance from Geos via GPS tracking. In addition to 4 people can be contacted (e.g., doctor, parent). Information and details at www.nuvelinc.com.

The iTwin file transfer VPN equivalent allows access to files with the a device the size of 2 USB drives. A Windows and Mac compatible version is coming out. The current model will transfer files among various versions of Windows. It is dependent on an Internet connection, WiFi or wired.


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