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More on the Clubhouse

Clubhouse Activities

Network and Gaming

Paul Cooper and Brian Feist are the in-house gurus who keep the network system up and running. They have networked 5 computers that are internet ready. These computers are available to members for research, surfing the net, downloading material, E-mail retrieval and many other cool things that give a computer geek "goose bumps."

Paul and Brian have linked (Networked) clubhouse and members computers for playing games of various types. They welcome members who are interested in learning to play these games. The games network is the absolute best. This is another "goose bump" moment for gaming geeks.

Clubhouse Operations

The Clubhouse depends on donations of computers and other peripherals from governmental agencies, corporations, business organizations and individuals. We make arrangements to pickup computers if the donor is unable to drop them off at the clubhouse. We are very grateful for the generosity of those who donate to the Clubhouse’s projects.

Upon receiving computers from the outside sources listed above, the computers are checked out by qualified clubhouse personnel to determine if they are to be refurbished or recycled. If they are recyclable, they are broken down and the parts are separated for recycling. If they are to be refurbished, they are processed for reformatting and installation of appropriate parts to make them operational by designated and qualified clubhouse personnel. The systems are refurbished and then donated to the community.

Applications for computers are submitted to the clubhouse and forms must be obtained at the clubhouse. The applications are reviewed to insure that the requirements for a donation are met. Once the application is approved, a computer is prepared for the applicant. All computers donated include a Microsoft licensed operating system. The PC includes:

  • CPU
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Two Power Cords
  • Windows XP Operating System license

PCC retains an acknowledgement of receipt from the recipient and the license information is recorded with Microsoft.

The Clubhouse Cookout

The first Saturday of every month a cookout is held at the Clubhouse, where hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked and served free of charge. Donations to the cause can be made by individuals who desire to do so. This event has shown itself to be a morale booster for the group. All PCC members are welcome to stop by and enjoy this event with us.


Helping Each Other

We at the clubhouse take great pride in the work we do. The work generally benefits those who are needy. There are some among us who really stand out by their great humanitarian efforts. The things these members do far exceed normal expectations, and we are very proud of their efforts. A few names among this group are, Tony Cozzette, Thomas J. Anderson, Don Feist, Paul Cooper, Sid Jordan and Arleen Ong. These dedicated members do not seek any headlines for their work; they enjoy the spirit of helping others and it is a great pleasure to be associated with such sterling personnel.

Members come to the clubhouse to repair, refurbish, and tune their computers, as well as to install programs. Assistance from a knowledgeable member is available upon request. This is the learning process that is ongoing for our members.

Donated computers and certain peripherals are received, evaluated for their utilitarian value and processed for further use or disposal. Since there is a cost involved in the disposal of certain items, such as non-working monitors and printers, all such items are checked before acceptance.

This area also accepts request for computers and / or peripherals for donation. Once the request is approved, arrangements are made for the item (s) to be picked up. In some cases, if the recipient is not able to personally pick up the item(s) someone from this area will arrange the pickup. Tony Cozzette is usually the "good Samaritan" who insures that the deed is done.

Don Feist is the one person in this area that insures that there is  a sense of orderliness in the area that includes storage shelves, and control of inventoried items. Don also provides all of us with unsurpassed refreshments.

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